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Our Pricing Plans and Ultrasound Packages

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Gender Reveal


Gender Reveal


Basic 2D/ 3D/ HD


/ Per Day

Premium 3D/4D/HD Live

Signature Complete


8K Ultrasound Hyper-realistic Image


Follicular Counting


Heads or Tails


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Desired Dream Ultrasound LLC, your premier diagnostic medical imaging center in Miami, specializes in advanced baby Ultrasound Services, including gender reveal ultrasound Miami. Our cutting-edge technology encompasses 2D, 3D, and 4D HD-live ultrasounds, enabling expectant families to witness their baby’s movements, facial features, and hear their heartbeat. We create memorable experiences that capture your baby’s responses to your voice. For top-notch Diagnostic medical imaging and Ultrasound Services in Miami Dale and Broward County.

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