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What is a 5D/HD Ultrasound?

A 5D/HD ultrasound is a state-of-the-art imaging technology that takes ultrasound to the next level. It combines the power of 3D ultrasound with high-definition imaging to create moving, three-dimensional images of your baby with remarkable detail and realism. These images and videos offer an immersive and lifelike experience.

Discover the benefits of our services and how we can make your pregnancy journey even more extraordinary.

Prenatal Ultrasound in Miami Near Me

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Experience the joy of parenthood by witnessing your baby’s growth as early as 6 weeks with the affordable “First Peek” package, priced at just $60. You can listen to your baby’s heartbeat, monitor gestational age, and receive 2D ultrasound images, allowing you to cherish the beginning of this incredible journey.

At 14 weeks and beyond, opt for the “Gender Reveal” package at $85, which includes gender determination/confirmation, your choice of 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasound in Miami, and keepsake images. Our services provide a fun and exciting way to discover the gender of your baby.

Desired Dream Ultrasound, the best pregnancy ultrasound in Miami, offers a variety of packages to suit your preferences and budget. From the “Basic 2D/3D/HD” package at $110 to the “Premium 2D/3D/HD” package at $120, you can select the ideal ultrasound experience to capture precious moments.

Our services cater to expectant parents throughout their pregnancy journey, offering gender determination and confirmation services from 13 to 25 weeks, ensuring you can choose the optimal time for this special reveal.

Stand out from the rest with our distinctive services like “Heads or Tails,” designed for late pregnancy check-ins after 35 weeks. This exciting experience allows you to check your baby’s position, hear their heartbeat, and receive memorable keepsake images.

Elevate your ultrasound experience with the “8K Ultrasound Hyper-realistic Image Enhancement” for just $25. This advanced technology captures lifelike, crystal-clear images with unprecedented detail, creating cherished memories of your unborn child.

For those seeking fertility-related ultrasounds, our “Follicular Counting” service at $60 provides follicular counting and endometrial thickness measurement, with the added convenience of receiving ultrasound images and videos directly to your cellphone or email.

Every ultrasound session at Desired Dream Ultrasound, the best pregnancy ultrasound in Miami comes with a USB containing the entire recording, allowing you to relive these precious moments and share them with loved ones.

We are committed to providing you with an amazing ultrasound experience in Miami, ensuring that all your questions are answered and your preferences are met.

Desired Dream Ultrasound is conveniently located at 12550 Biscayne Blvd STE 800, North Miami, FL 33181, making it easily accessible for expectant parents in the Miami area.

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Desired Dream Ultrasound LLC, your premier diagnostic medical imaging center in Miami, specializes in advanced baby Ultrasound Services, including gender reveal ultrasound Miami. Our cutting-edge technology encompasses 2D, 3D, and 4D HD-live ultrasounds, enabling expectant families to witness their baby’s movements, facial features, and hear their heartbeat. We create memorable experiences that capture your baby’s responses to your voice. For top-notch Diagnostic medical imaging in Miami and Ultrasound Services in Miami Beach.

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